Save Brea

Accountability-Brea Accountability Act

Vote YES on measure "T" November 6th, 2012

Some council members seemed perfectly happy to accept a huge raise in their benefits--as long as no one found out. Well, this increase, described by junior councilman, Brett Murdock, as, "well deserved" and current mayor Don Schweitzer as "not a mistake" was discovered! Marty Simonoff upon discovery of the unintentional award immediately returned his windfall. It took several articles in the Orange County Register until the remaining 4 council members returned their ill gotten tax payer benefits. And the last to return the money, junior councilman, Brett Murdock.

A YES vote on measure "T" will discourage such a lack of accountability in the future!

The table below provides access to supporting documents related to Accountabiity in Brea.
Date Pertinent Info Notes
Oct 26, 2012 Secret settlement with police union rep led to arrest of city manager" Orange County Register
Sept 27, 2012 Editorial, "Yes on Tustin Measure HH" Orange County Register
Sept 7, 2012 Editorial, "Californians at mercy of petty totalitarians" Orange County Register
July 2012 Arguments in Favor of Brea Open Governance Act
January 3, 2012 Editorial, "Brea council does right thing, six months later" Orange County Register
December 27, 2011 Daxon, "Council reduces its benefits, but not in full view" Orange County Register
December 22, 2011 Article, "Brea council gives back raise in benefits" Orange County Register
December 15, 2011 Daxon, "Flex-benefits issue finally official" Orange County Register
November 14, 2011 Editorial, "Brea gives back raises under radar" Orange County Register
October 7, 2011 Article, "A bonehead move in Brea" Orange County Register
October 3, 2011 Article, "Brea council mistakenly gives itself raise" Orange County Register
August 25, 2011 Article, "Is now the time for a raise?" Orange County Register
August 18, 2011 Article, "Brea's city manager gets raise to $300,000" Orange County Register
July 2010 Text of Brea Open Governance Act