Save Brea

Please VOTE YES on measures "T" & "U" and elect those candidates that support them so together we may Save Brea

Photo courtesy Orange County Archives is a grass roots effort that promotes the type of government our founding fathers intended, one interested in serving the citizens who have vested power with their representatives. At Brea city council meetings, speakers typically are treated with arrogance and as mischief makers rather than the Brea patriots they are. When Brea city council members and staff refuse to listen to their constituents, the constituents' last option to be heard was dedicating much time and effort to promote the measures and campaigns described on this site.

Before we started collecting signatures, there were very few electronic publications on Brea's website. Voters need to have facts and a reasonable expectation of what they should expect from their representatives and public servants especially when attempting to forecast future Brea living costs. What is Brea's unfunded pension and retiree health-care liabilities? What is Brea's total bond debt including redevelopment debt, solar project debt and other bond debt? We need to eliminate the smoke and mirrors. Its time to stop the 24/7 financial shell game!

It is encouraging that after our effort, many more documents are available and other cities are pushing forward with improving transparency and accountability in city hall.

Coincidence?  I think not! If these measures fail, this new found openness may well disappear.

The SaveBrea site provides information on current ballot measures so you may make an informed voting decision. Information is available on the Brea accountability (measure "T"), and transparency (measure "U") measures that will be voted on at the November 6th 2012 Ballot.